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Want to find out the five essential tips for securing cash flow finance in the construction sector? Download your free report here!

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We are able to source loans of up to £200,000 unsecured and up to £1,000,000 secured which do not affect your existing banking facilities! These can be taken over up to 5 years and have no early repayment fees.

We source business loans from credible providers who are backed through investment from the British Government.

We can pre-qualify you for the loan in a matter of minutes and have the funds in your account within 1 week.

If your business could do with an injection of working capital, or you are looking to fund a new project please give us a call on 01737 652 122 or complete the quick quote below.

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So why not find out how we can help you achieve the cash flow funding you need? Call us on 01737 321 142, or email us at

Full members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

St Georges Finance is a full member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers


What we do

  • No success, no fee
  • We’re independent so we can source funding from the entire market
  • We prepare a comprehensive proposal to lenders on your behalf
  • We explain the small print on paperwork
  • We can guide you through the process from application through to draw-down


  • Cash Flow Finance
  • Business Loans
  • Construction Grants


Winner of Commercial Mortgage IFA 2008

Commercial Mortgage IFA of the year - 2008