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Looking to purchase new vehicles or machinery?

Asset Finance is a lending agreement used by companies to obtain equiptment, plant and machinery. It is a source of funding that is increasing in popularity, providing a flexible alternative to the traditional bank loan or overdraft.

Many asset finance arrangements are hire purchase contacts which give you immediate access to the quiptment that you will own outright after completing a series of payments over an agreed period of time.

Refinancing packages are also available enabling companies to release some equity in the equiptment and other tangible assets that they already own; the lender will buy the item(s) from you and lease it back to you over a set period.

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Benefits to businesses

  • Access to a high standard of equiptment that you might not have been able to afford
  • Interest rates on monthly repayments are fixed, which helpfs with business and cash flow planning
  • Cash already within the business can be retained as working capital instead of being used to purchase necessary equiptment
  • Asset financing agreements are usually easy to obtain because the asset itself provides the security
  • Some agreements include the option to replace or upgrade equiptment at the end of the term, thereby allowing you to obtain new assets without the need for further capital investment
  • An overdraft can be withdrawn by the bank, whereas with asset finance agreements you are protected with the security of a fixed term contract
  • Many agreements include servicing as part of the deal

With interest rates so low and generous capital allowances available, it is an excellent time for businesses to invest in new plant and machinery; but how do you find the best deal for you and your business?

St Georges Construction Finance are specialists in funding solutions. We are independent brokers with access to the entire market, and we are confident that we will source the best possible rate for you. On most occasions our fee is covered by the lender, so our expertise may be free of charge to you.

So why not find out how we can help you achieve the cash flow funding you need? Call us on 01737 321 142, or email us at

Full members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

St Georges Finance is a full member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers


What we do

  • No success, no fee
  • We’re independent so we can source funding from the entire market
  • We prepare a comprehensive proposal to lenders on your behalf
  • We explain the small print on paperwork
  • We can guide you through the process from application through to draw-down


  • Cash Flow Finance
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Construction Grants


Winner of Commercial Mortgage IFA 2008

Commercial Mortgage IFA of the year - 2008


Recent Case Study

Our clients purchased a profitable company. The purchase used most of their available funding leaving little to pay wages at the end of the month. The original owner had previously attempted to raise invoice funding. He failed because of the contractual nature of the invoices. We secured: